Een pamflet dat mij heeft geraakt - The Principles of The Blue Economy (Gunter Pauli,

Soms, heel soms vallen de stukjes op zijn plek. Sinds een paar weken ben ik geraakt. Geraakt door Gunter Pauli en zijn werk bij de groep en nog meer rondom The Blue Economy. Ik praat en schrijf al jaren over de 6e kondratief-cyclus, over het feit dat we in transitie zitten. Over groen-rechts en duurzame (clean) technologie. Nog meer schrijf ik over ondernemerschap, innovatie en DOEN. Onderzoeken heeft weinig betekenis als je niet aan de slag gaat. En toen een paar weken geleden Gunter Pauli. Zonet lees ik zijn principes. Lees ze ook! (en vergelijk ze met onze uitgangspunten) Voel ze en pas ze toe. Wij gaan er bij TOP iets mee doen. Echt. Meer op een later moment.

  1. Solutions are first and foremost based on physics. Deciding factors are Pressure and Temperature as found on site.
  2. Substitute something with Nothing – question any ressource regarding its necessity for production.
  3. Natural systems cascade nutrients, matter and energy – waste does not exist. Any by-product is the source for a new product.
  4. Nature evolved from few species to a rich biodiversity. Wealth means diversity. Industrial standardization is the contrary.
  5. Nature provides room for entrepreneurs who do more with less. Nature is contrary to monopolization.
  6. Gravity is main source of energy, solar energy is the second renewable fuel.
  7. Water is the primary solvent (no complex, chemical, toxic catalysts).
  8. In nature the constant is change. Innovations take place in every moment.
  9. Nature only works with what is locally available. Sustainable business evolves with respect not only for local ressources, but also for culture and tradition.
  10. Nature responds to basic needs and then evolves from sufficiency to abundance. The present economic model relies on scarcity as a basis for production and consumption.
  11. Natural systems are non-linear.
  12. In Nature everything is biodegradable – it is just a matter of time.
  13. In natural systems everything is connected and evolving towards symbiosis.
  14. In Nature water, air, and soil are the commons, free and abundant.
  15. In Nature one process generates multiple benefits.
  16. Natural systems share risks. Any risk is a motivator for innovations.
  17. Nature is efficient. So sustainable business maximizes use of available material and energy, which reduces the unit price for the consumer.
  18. Nature searches for the optimum for all involucrated elements.
  19. In Nature negatives are converted into positives. Problems are opportunities.
  20. Nature searches for economies of scope. One natural innovation carries various benefits for all.
  21. Respond to basic needs with what you have, introducing innovations inspired by nature, generating multiple benefits, including jobs and social capital, offering more with less: This is the Blue Economy®.


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